Welcome to EAL at ISPP Elementary!

The EAL Elementary programme at ISPP is for students who are learning about English and through English at the same time. It aims to help students develop skills that will enable them to participate fully in their mainstream class. Students learn the English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking within the context of the PYP Units of Inquiry. Students learn to find and use information, think about and discuss ideas and express feelings, in English. They learn how English works and how to use it well.

ISPP’s philosophy is that the learning process simultaneously involves learning language - as learners listen to and use language with others in their everyday lives; learning about language - as learners grow in their understanding of how language works; and learning through language - as learners use language as a tool to listen, think, discuss and reflect on information, ideas and issues (Halliday 1980).

The EAL department at ISPP believes that language is best acquired through meaningful and purposeful interactions and activities. The best environment for EAL students to thrive in is one with a curriculum that is inclusive of all its learners, where linguistic diversity is celebrated and where critical thinking and international mindedness are actively promoted:
  • Content is not ‘dumbed down’ but scaffolded instruction is used to make content accessible to students and to further academic English language development.
  • Opportunities are given for using stretches of language that promote a natural flow of talk (group work, cooperative learning).
  • The mother tongue is valued and used as a resource.
  • Reading for pleasure is fostered and encouraged in both English and the home language.
  • Explicit attention is drawn to the function of language and opportunities are given to make connections between the home language and English.
  • Subject specific language and genres are taught explicitly.
  • Texts are used that are culturally inclusive.
  • Tasks are used that encourage children to think critically.
  • Language and content are taught together.
  • Opportunities are created for hands-on activities and authentic learning experiences- providing plenty of opportunity for language use.

EAL Elementary Programme Organization

EAL Full Support: This is English language support for those new to English acquisition and students who benefit from targeted support to prepare and consolidate the language of the curriculum.  EAL specialists and classroom teachers plan and work together to support these students in the classroom. The EAL teacher will spend time with full support children in and out of the classroom.

EAL Partial Support: English language learners continue to receive in-class support through an inclusive model of the classroom teacher and EAL specialist working collaboratively to co-plan, co-teach, and co-assess. These students are more independent, but their language growth is still closely monitored.

EAL during Foreign Language: this class is intended for extra consolidation of concepts and vocabulary, confidence building, reading and writing practice.

If you would like specific information about what is going on with your child's learning in EAL, please follow the links to individual EAL teachers' blogs at the top of this page. More general information about learning in an additional language and how to support your child at home can be found by following the links on the right. If you have questions or would like meet your child's EAL teacher, please do not hesitate to contact us.